Our Specialty

CPC Group provides comprehensive plan writing support to construct compliant Statements of Advice that meets every client’s requirements.

We offer efficient turn around times that are competitively priced to suit your budget.

How You Benefit?

Opportunity to make your business more profitable by, spending more time adding value, growing your client base and less time with time consuming administrative paperwork.

Greater client satisfaction with quicker turnaround times, ensures your clients are provided with accurate and valuable advice.


The ability to better manage the ‘growing pains’ and busy times in your business, without reducing the consistency and quality of your advice.

More time to leverage relationships with associated business, and to cater for the new business generated from these relationships.


Our Statement of Advice pricing is based upon the complexity of each plan, the below chart provides an indication of how we categorise the SOA’s:

Type of SOA Definition Price Per SOA
Limited Statement of Advice Simple Limited Statements of Advice dealing with a single issue or strategy, where the scope of advice is specifically limited to a certain aspect.
Example: Risk Only Advice
$260 + GST
Standard Statement of Advice SOA’s involving no more than two simple strategies
Example: Superannuation and Risk Advice
$395 + GST
Comprehensive Statement of Advice Comprehensive SOA’s, involving more than two investment strategies INCLUSIVE OF CASHFLOW MODELLING
Example: Retirement advice based plans
*Comprehensive SOA’s are limited to 5 hours of preparation.
$500 + GST
Complex Statement of Advice Strategies involving multiple scenarios/strategies (over 5 to 6 strategies), SOA’s involving 5 over hours of preparation. $110 + GST PER HOUR
($600 – $800 + GST)

If you require a more detailed quote or require any bulk pricing please Contact Us.

We also provide a cashflow projection service, which may be incorporated into the SOA fee or may have a stand alone price which is negotiable. Please contact our office for further information.

Our Terms & Conditions:

  • Our payment terms are strictly 14 days from date of invoice.
  • Once the SOA is finalised we will invoice you directly.
  • A 10% penalty fee applies if the invoice is not paid in full in 14 days

By engaging our service you agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.